About Elite Movement


Our Mission

Our mission here at Elite Movement Chiropractic Clinic, is to keep our patient community moving well and doing what they love by providing a superb Chiropractic and movement experience. We strive to advance and improve the lifestyle and movement health of our performance athletes, weekend warriors, and active families. This is achieved through diligent education, encouragement and teamwork; delivered in an environment of trust, transparency and positive energy.


Our Values:

Inspiration: For us, this means carrying attentive and positive energy into each interaction.  Creating an environment of empowerment, enthusiasm and trust.

Synergy: For us, this means working as a team to construct a harmonious foundation of skills, education, encouragement and growth, with the goal to continuously improve our habits, our health, and our community.

Integrity: For us, this means being honest and transparent in every process and interaction. Following through with our commitments, and staying true to our word.


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