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You Deserve to Move Well. We Are Here to Help.

Elite Movement Chiropractic Clinic is a practice where athletes and non-athletes alike can become elite movers with the help of chiropractic care. Located in Petoskey, MI, our office offers an environment of trust, transparency, and positive energy. Our goal is to help patients move better, so they can live a healthier, more vibrant life. We take seriously our responsibility to help you feel great, using a sports medicine approach that is designed specifically for you.

Diagnosis in Petoskey, MI

Specific Diagnosis

Dr. Kuhlman uses a joint-by-joint biomechanical method and movement analysis, to provide a comprehensive musculoskeletal diagnosis. This allows him to create a customized treatment plan that will best address your unique needs.

Treatments in Petoskey, MI

Specific Treatments

Your treatment plan may include any of the following:

Chiropractic Adjustments

Adjustments are the most common form of chiropractic treatment. Dr. Kuhlman manually applies a small, specific force to joints in order reduce fixations and restrictions within these joints. You may hear a small cracking or popping sound; that is just the release of gas bubbles and pressure within the joint space. The goal is to reduce pressure/stress on the joint, and allow it to move normally.

Motion-Based Mobilization

Motion-based mobilization is a hands-on method of addressing adhesions or scar tissue build-up that is restricting motion. Dr. Kuhlman and the patient work together, using specific movements to encourage proper joint alignment and function, while increasing range of motion.

Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

We use specialized instruments to help break apart areas of scar tissue that are inhibiting movement. Dr. Kuhlman uses the MobilityWOD Leopard Claw tool to gently scrape and massage damaged tissues, which helps increase blood flow and encourage recovery. The Leopard Claw’s design allows it to address both large and small areas of soft tissue damage.

Exercise & Motor Control Training

Here, we believe that movement is medicine. That’s why rehabilitation is often an aspect of our treatment methods. Exercise helps build strength and stamina, while improving overall health. We provide patients with exercises, stretches, and specific movements to perform at home so they can continue their healing outside of the office. We also provide dynamic neuromuscular stabilization methods of motor control training, teaching patients how to move properly and addressing abnormal movement patterns to prevent further damage or future injuries.

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Taping is a method of placing tape on specific areas of the body to address and support problem areas. The tape does not hamper your normal range of motion, but it targets the affected soft tissue to provide further mobilization outside of the office. Taping is especially common for athletes experiencing overuse injuries. Dr. Kuhlman uses RockTape, a durable, high-quality, latex-free tape that can be worn for up to seven days and is flexible enough to move comfortably with you.
Diagnosis in Petoskey, MI

Massage therapy

Massage therapy consists of the mobilization of soft tissue (such as muscle, fascia and body fluids) to restore normal systemic and biomechanical/functional use. It can be used to assist in the treatment of most musculo-skeletal and associated problems, and regular Massage Therapy can result in improved circulatory, lymphatic and neurological functioning.  We currently have massage available on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10am-4pm.

EMC2 in Petoskey, MI

This model represents how we at EMC2 look at injury, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. Typically, an orthopedic diagnosis is given solely based on the presenting, painful tissue. Then, that symptomatic tissue is treated. But, to treat the true underlying reason for the pain, one must ask a few additional questions:

    • What is causing the tissue to become pathological in the first place?
    • What surrounding joints are contributing to the pathological tissue?
    • Is the structure not moving enough (mobility issue)?
    • Is it moving too much (stability issue)?
    • Is our brain not coordinating our movement systems correctly (motor control issue)?

Our goal is to find and correct the underlying movement dysfunction that is actually creating the pathological tissue. If we can do this, we can not only get you better, but more importantly, keep you better.

Performance Recovery Pyramid in Petoskey, MI
Our Performance Recovery Pyramid represents all the different factors we integrate into our treatments here at Elite Movement.
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Mobility is our starting point and base, because we as a society do not move frequently or well enough.  Our main objective here is to reduce your pain and symptoms.  Most Chiropractors do not move past this layer

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 Stability forms the next layer. If we do not teach proper stabilization around our new-found mobility, the brain will feel unsafe and will want to re-lock up those tissues.  The goal here is to hold the improvements, and  restore proper function.

 Motor Control is the final layer. This step takes all the mobility and stability improvements and integrates them into smooth and efficient movement patterns.   The goal here is to promote durability and longevity.

By incorporating all of these elements, we are able to truly treat and prevent injuries, build performance, and allow our human bodies to function at their peak!

For more information about our services, or to schedule an appointment with us, contact us today at 231-881-9280. We look forward to helping you become an elite mover!

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